Stephanie SladeI am an Emmy award winning broadcast motion graphics designer and producer, screenwriter, film maker. My artwork has been a constant thread in all my work. I graduated with a B.A. in Art from Cal State University Hayward and have had many expressive mediums to practice my art. This collection is from my library of digital as well as natural material based art. Today I teach art, inspire young artists, and work on my series and subjects, always finding something fresh and new with plenty of inspiration from my travels, my natural plant life around me, and my heart. Today I am known in the community as The Director of Fun because I love to inspire creativity and collaboration and bring the best out of people. Enjoy the gallery of mixed media art work and now that it is here on my website, it is for you to browse and find a piece that speaks to you. Sunflowers always brighten up a room and my Sleeping Lady series is quite dynamic. Take a look.