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Stephanie Slade

Stephanie Slade: Award-Winning Artist, Media Producer, and Designer

Stephanie Slade is the President of Digital Slade Art, a creative powerhouse that melds her two decades of experience as a Broadcast Media Producer, Designer and Visionary Artist. Her dynamic company operates three online stores that offers a wide range of selection to the modern day collectors, art patrons, and her art tribe!

Stephanie’s exceptional talent as a leader in the technological/art field has garnered prestigious accolades. She won an Emmy Award for her outstanding work on the Main Title and Graphics design team for the hit show “The New Love American Style”. She also was on the Oscar-nominated design team for the documentary “Still Kicking”. Her pioneering vision shines through in her ground breaking, pixel jamming project, the International Painting Interactive, that connected 150 artists worldwide in 1992 in the early days of the Internet.

Slade holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art, with a Minor in Recreational Therapy, form Cal State East Bay. Additionally, she has earned a Masters of Media Education in 2007 with an emphasis in dropout prevention, and a two year acting degree from the Baron Brown Studio in Santa Monica.

Stephanie has practiced and explored acrylic art, watercolors, multimedia montage and digital art. She has recently been curated into five art shows in the SFWA Gallery in San Francisco. She is thrilled that her artistry now extends to adorn exquisite clothing. 

Her captivating art can be custom-printed on any archival paper, canvas, metals, and produced at any size, ensuring each piece is a masterpiece in its own right. She is also the driving force behind the vibrant music platform, Bionic Roots.

Stephanie served as the President of United Media Productions, and has been a mentor and leader for community organizations, including Berkeley Community Media, where she produced episodes of “Expressions of Peace”.

Slade created a program to teach at-risk youth filmmaking with her visionary concept to shoot cameras, not guns. See Let’s Make A Movie.

Slade eagerly anticipates the opportunity to connect and collaborate with fellow artists, collectors, patrons, and the art community. For inquiries and networking opportunities, reach out to her at

Explore Stephanie’s artistry and visionary creations of Digital Slade Art. Ride the digital wave with Slade, where art, innovation, and imagination converge to create a better world of endless possibilities.