Stephanie Slade

Stephanie Slade


Brief Summary:

I am an Emmy award winning broadcast motion graphics designer and producer, screenwriter, film maker and artist making 3D simulations, storyboards, and posters. I have managed projects for educational, broadcast, print, web and film media for over 20 years. Known in the community as The Director of Fun, I like to bring the best out of people.


California State University, Hayward, CA: B.A Art: 1975

California State University, San Francisco, CA, classes towards Masters in Broadcast Communication Arts: 1981

Baron Brown School of Dramatic Arts, Santa Monica, CA, graduate of 2 year acting school:  June, 1995-June 1997

Rastafari University, 2006- I take frequent trips to Jamaica. My film Jamaica Land has been included in the Jamaican Government sponsored film archives.


Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Graphic Organizers, Photo Shop, Illustrator, Final Cut x and 7, screenwriting with Final Draft and Final Draft A/V, TV and digital video editor, script supervisor, improvisation facilitator and education specialist.


Work History


I worked as a teacher in after school programs teaching art, animation (ANIMATIONISH) AND LEGO ROBOTICS TO 2nd and 3rd graders. I taught 3rd graders Extreme LEARNING as a computer aid for English language learners. I worked at the Berkeley YMCA teaching 7th graders how to make a short movie in a week.


Title: “Travel Made Easy”

Client:  I.A.T.A.N. and Marc Mancini Travel Seminars

Europe Made Easy, Asia Made Easy, South America Made Easy:  Travel series showing tourist sights, geography and attractions for travel agents and travelers. Produced for agents using stock footage, the series included presenters in anchor news set and “on location” traveling host by use of green screen and digital scenic backgrounds.

Job: Writer/Designer/Script Supervisor/Post Supervisor

Special job skills: designed green screen scenic backgrounds, 2)designed animated maps, 3)designed pop quiz format, and 4)designed broadcast graphics package with title, credits, lower thirds. Supervised green screen production and script on set. Supervised integration of all elements in post-production.

Title: “Saving the Endangered Species” Multi-part series exposing the plight of endangered animals around the world.

Client: Hartford Productions, Burbank, CA

Job: Producer/Designer/Concept Writer

 Title: “Paint me a Future” documentary about cancer patients and art therapy.

Client: Little Apple Productions, Los Angeles, CA

Job: Graphics Designer

Oasis Higlights”: Co-Producer/Writer/Designer: Responsibilities included budgets, deliveries, satellite transmission scheduling, staffing and occasional writing.

“Intimate Portrait:Cybil Sheppard”: Associate Producer/Graphics Supervisor:  This program focused on model, actress, singer, Cybil Sheppard.

“Ernest Hemingway in  Love, War & the Movies”, Ex. Producer/Graphics Producer: Documentary of the life of Ernest Hemingway. Significant use of motion picture clips, Hemmingway family photographs and interviews.

“Welcome to Cyberville”, PILOT, Channel 4, England

USA Liaison Producer/Graphics Producer:
Special for Channel 4 England, showing the infiltration of technology and computers into main stream life. Location blue screen and extensive travel and video clip management.

“The Infamous Dorothy Parker”, Producer/Designer/ Post Supervisor: 2 hour documentary for A&E chronicling the life of the author, poet and screen writer.

‘Secrets for Exceptional Speaking”,  Writer, producer, designer, editor, script supervisor, spfx supervisor. A two-hour instructional course on video with three interactive modules. I was involved in every aspect of preproduction, production and post production, working closely with expert Stephanie Hendrie.

”International Painting Interactive”: Creator/Executive Producer:Project developed by Ms. Slade that developed specialized software for computer based interactive painting and shared canvas collaborative art over the fledgling Internet and directly with modems and ISDN. She personally directed the establishment a world-wide group of over 150 artists to participate. Hubbed at the SIGGRAPH convention in Chicago, IL USA, the project connected 14 countries and 150 artists worldwide

 “Telepainting” Producer: Collaborative exhibit for Virtual Classroom:  Produced by Artlab at the Boulder Public Library. 1995.